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Terma Software Will Be Presenting at IBM InterConnect 2017 in Las Vegas on Workload Analytics Boulder, CO, March 14, 2017 Terma Software, the makers of the market leading workload analytics solution will be presenting at IBM InterConnect in Las Vegas on March 22nd at 4:00 PM. The annual conference brings together the foremost technical experts and innovators in Cloud, Internet of Things, and Watson. Terma Software’s CEO Shane Hade and CTO Jennifer Chisik have been asked to present on the topic of Leveraging Predictive Analytics for Optimizing & Managing Workload Environments. Shane Hade, CEO of Terma Software stated, “we are honored and excited to be a part of IBM InterConnect 2017. Our presentation will focus on the area of multi-vendor and cross platform predictive analytics for workload automation environments. In today’s dynamic cloud environments and IoT, analytics have become pivotal in managing and leveraging these areas to their fullest potential.” In this session attendees will learn how Advanced Workload Analytics from Terma Software is used to optimize complex, single and multi-vendor workload environments through their single-pane-of-glass analytics platform. The discussion will cover workload design best practices and using the platform for visually understanding your workload environment. Additionally, it will demonstrate how to analyze a workload environment through our visualization platform and then optimize and monitor its performance in real-time leveraging our predictive analytics engine. Advanced analytics BI reporting for on-going operational management and continuous workload improvement will also be covered. About TERMA SOFTWARE Over the past decade Terma has developed the industry’s most comprehensive knowledge of workload data and the ability to leverage that understanding to provide ... More...

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