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Terma Software Sees Over 100% Growth in Services for Workload Optimization Boulder, CO, May 24, 2017 Terma Software introduced its Workload Service Model for optimization of Workload Automation environments over a year ago, in order to address the growing challenges organizations are facing with their workload solutions as complexity continues to grow. Since the introduction of this service offering, Terma has experienced significant growth and interest in the services that help to optimize batch workload environments as well as manage their inherent complexity. These services take a process based approach and employ both operational and statistical analyses to address inefficiencies and lack of insight into the management of the highly complex interdependent processes used to support critical business activities. Shane Hade, CEO of Terma comments, “Many of our customers and prospects are challenged by not only time constraints, but also the lack of resources needed to analyze and develop service models for workload automation. Our service models help identify inefficient practices used within workload scheduling solutions such as AutoSys, CA 7, and Tidal. Once these models are applied and aligned with redesigned operational practices, a more reliable and efficient service can leveraged.” Jim Anderson, VP, Product Strategy, Sales & Marketing says, “Our professional service business has grown significantly due to a need in the workload automation customer base to drive more efficiency within IT operations. The capabilities inherent in our analytics solution, combined with the knowledge and experience of our consultants, helps customers develop a more efficient and reliable approach, insuring that the implemented processes meet their desired expectations. The Terma Workload Service Model is what drives ... More...

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    Real-time and Predictive Job-based Analytics

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    The Big Data Platform for Workload

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