New Terma Software Release: Enhanced Automation and Predictions

August 9, 2018 10:02 am Published by

Boulder, CO / New York, NY

Terma Software recently released a new software update that takes its already powerful automation and prediction capabilities to a whole new level. Customers familiar with Terma’s products have come to know its platform for effectively automating workloads. With the new software update, Terma users can now enjoy a new ‘automatic trimming’ feature that optimizes job stream predictions so that users can more accurately visualize and forecast job streams.

How the ‘automatic trimming’ works is that the software identifies and eliminates jobs not to be used for prediction purposes. These eliminated jobs are typically job outliers and/or don’t have a direct impact on the resulting end jobs. Thus, Terma’s software eliminates these outlier jobs from its predictive algorithms, resulting in a far more accurate and representative prediction model for users to view, analyze, and make decisions from.

The Enhanced Automation and Improved Prediction capabilities in this latest release build on what Terma has been delivering all along—the ability for customers to meet critical SLAs in a more efficient and cost-effective way. Now, Terma users will find themselves more equipped than ever to make fast, accurate, and informed decisions for how to optimize future workloads with unparalleled predictive analytics.

For more information on the latest release please visit and log into your customer support portal. You can also contact us directly at



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