Why IT Analytics Matter to Workload Automation

February 5, 2018 Published by

...While virtually every area of your business and most areas of IT are embracing analytics, the area of workload automation does not. Some use historical run data to develop trends using a spreadsheet approach, however, this is only an after-the-fact band-aid that can tell you that you have already failed or that you might somewhere eventually fail. It cannot point out specific future problem areas or provide you with accurate predictions for processing times and capacity utilization. With analytics, problem resolution for long running or failed processing is much easier; it can reduce meantime to repair by up to 99%, and limits the amount of human capital required to diagnose the problem. Workload Analytics can also help developers and engineers build better workload processes and redesign current processes for more efficiency and higher reliability...

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Terma Software Announces Open Integration for Workload Automation and Application Management Solutions

January 22, 2018 Published by

  Terma Software announced that its TermaAnalytics solution is available immediately for customers using any vendor’s job scheduler, in-house developed workload automation solution, and application management products. The TermaAnalytics platform provides predictive monitoring & analysis, SLA management, customizable analytics dashboards, and workload intelligence for many vendor specific job scheduling solutions including CA, Tidal, and IWS

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Predictive Workload Analytics Hub, UNIFY-CONNECT™ Set to be Released by Terma Software

September 20, 2017 Published by

Increased interest in predictive analytics in general and workload analytics specifically has resulted in companies requiring advanced capabilities and integration with other IT operations functions that Terma Software will now provide in the short term. The company announced today that its latest product offering, UNIFY-CONNECT™, designed to address customers’ advanced needs, is scheduled to be released in the 4th quarter of this year.

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