New Terma Software Release: Enhanced Automation and Predictions

August 9, 2018 Published by

Terma Software recently released a new software update that takes its already powerful automation and prediction capabilities to a whole new level. Customers familiar with Terma’s products have come to know its platform for effectively automating workloads. With the new software update, Terma users can now enjoy a new ‘automatic trimming’ feature that optimizes job stream predictions so that users can more accurately visualize and forecast job streams.

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The Challenge with Managing Multiple Vendors and Platforms

August 8, 2018 Published by

Financial companies rely on sophisticated workload and analytic computing environments that integrate up-to-the-minute, if not up-to-the-second, information regarding the financial markets. This data is actually housed and managed through multiple workload software vendors such as IBM and CA, for example, and their associating platforms. Find out how Terma Software analyzes and monitors batch processing from the beginning of the workload to the end of the workload.

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Terma Software Transforms Service Providers’ Workloads Using Actionable Analytics with TermaUNIFY

July 23, 2018 Published by

“One of our largest customers, who provides managed services, uses our solution to efficiently manage over a dozen customer environments from a single instance of our platform. These managed environments include job scheduling products from multiple vendors. It has allowed them to grow the number of customer environments they can manage without having to add significantly more staff, and at the same time, provide an exceptionally better service experience than the customer could provide themselves,” Anderson said.

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Terma Software Announces Incentive Program for CA Technologies Customers

May 30, 2018 Published by

Terma announces a special program for CA Technologies customers to upgrade to the latest release of TermaAnalytics. With this announcement, Terma is offering customers of CA’s iDash product for AutoSys and CA 7 special incentives to upgrade to Terma’s market leading solution for SLA Management, Predictive Monitoring, Advanced Workload Analysis and Reporting.

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The Challenge with Outsourcing IT Operations and Workload Automation

March 14, 2018 Published by

Many organizations outsource the operations of their IT Operations for various reasons, including lowering operating costs, improving service, and freeing up resources to address more strategic needs in the organization. While many organizations claim to meet the goals of their outsourcing arrangements as a whole, typically several areas within operations don’t meet expectations. One specific area where I’ve seen this happen, more often than not, is in the area of workload automation, particularly in the areas of monitoring and reporting.

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