Workload Automation Tools, Analytics & Optimization Solutions

Use Terma’s workload automation tools which are specifically created to give you the analytics information you need for workload optimization. Transform the way you manage the performance of your workload with actionable analytics.

Terma’s products provide Workload Automation analytics giving your business Service Level Assurance, Critical Path Management, and Enterprise-wide Visibility into your business-critical applications.

Terma’s solutions were created to give you the ability to answer the tough questions through our revolutionary technology, providing you with a rich visualization of underlying IT Operations analytics (ITOA Analytics). The powerful TermaANALYTICS platform seamlessly pulls real-time data from workload automation engines to enable visibility into your workload in sync with the way your business is managed. With TermaANALYTICS storing your critical workload data, you can retain historical data in order to discover anomalies, optimize your schedule, and use that data to predict, in real time, what you can expect on a minute-to-minute basis.

The ability to forecast and predict the duration of your complex, interconnected processes is invaluable when it comes to reducing risk, meeting critical SLAs, improving service quality, and discovering the underlying root causes of inefficiencies in your workload environment.

Now your critical workload data can be a source of business insights. Access solutions; get a demo of our workload analytics and optimization software tools today.