Case Studies: How Terma Transforms Businesses

Working with complex, multi-vendor workload systems can be a huge pain that creates an inefficient and costly drain on resources. Significant business disruptions, delayed service levels, and plummeting customer satisfaction are just a few of the negative results that can arise from workload issues.

Terma’s Adaptive Intelligence and Predict Analytics can effectively analyze data from multiple workload schedulers and vendors to ensure processes run efficiently — as well as also identify problems before they occur. What does this mean for your business? Risk mitigation, cost savings, time efficiencies, and other positive outcomes for you to enjoy.

But don’t take our word for it. Read on to learn from real client case studies, and consider how Terma could transform your own business.

Success Stories Span Industries and Companies with Terma

  • A large global bank using CA AutoSys and CA 7 job schedulers depends on TermaUNIFY to to provide “single pane of glass” monitoring across these schedulers and the platforms they run on for better visibility and predictive alerting using a common interface for managing them. Without TermaUNIFY, TermaVISION, and TermaINSIGHT the bank would require two difference staffs to manage this environment. The Terma solution also helps DevOps and Operations communicate more efficiently due to the ability of Terma’s product to align processes and standardize workload terminology.
  • An international bank has literally 500,000+ jobs defined in their CA 7 scheduler with more than 1,000,000 job runs per 24 hours. That’s a lot. Prior to implementing TermaUNIFY they had an avoidable failure that resulted in significant downtime and enormous penalties. Now they depend on TermaUNIFY to predict issues before they occur – minimizing risk, and revealing optimization opportunities and root causes of incidents.
  • A financial services customer has a total of 25,000 jobs defined to their Tidal Workload Automation and every single job is critical! They depend on TermaUNIFY and its predictive capabilities to alert them in advance of any potential delay or failure in their job flows. Furthermore this customer implemented BI-reporting through TermaINSIGHT.
  • A manufacturer using CA AutoSys depends on TermaUNIFY to ‘keep the line moving’ by alerting systems administrators to potential delays in the processing of shipments. Having the predictive capabilities of TermaUNIFY helps ensure that the parts needed to keep production flowing are where they need to be, when they need to be there.

Terma solutions are used by hundreds of customers worldwide, each with their own unique scheduling environments and workload systems. Terma’s technology solutions currently address IBM’s Workload Scheduler (IWS), CA 7, CA AutoSys, and Tidal Workload Automation. Additionally, our platform can support any scheduler through our Universal API. We can also integrate through open source, in-house developers, or third party schedulers using our API.

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