Analytics Software for Workload Automation

TermaANALYTICS’ workload data repository and powerful prediction engine accesses the valuable data you need from multiple vendors’ job schedulers. Leveraging that data through the use of the Terma Suite of Analytics Products provides the ability to gain unprecedented insight into the workload processes that are integral to your business.

Having the ability to gather and store huge volumes of workload data opens the gate to a wide range of new insights and smart solutions. Workload data is really, really valuable. Once you have all the data and the tools and the knowledge to process it, creativity can begin. You can set free many old notions that no longer hold true for your workload environment. The data holds the valuable answers that are needed to optimize your workload and the Terma’s selection of analytics software for workload automation makes that possible, starting with TermaANALYTICS which gathers and stores all your workload data across multiple schedulers.

Setting the stage

TermaANALYTICS sets the stage for you to be able to optimize your workload processing and realize more value from your automation tools by providing the data needed for SLA management, forecasting, prediction, and reporting. The platform sets the stage for you to be able to lower your costs and improve the reliability and performance of your mission critical workloads. For those companies with a variety of scheduling solutions, TermaANALYTICS gathers meaningful data across multiple and disparate environments – including distributed and mainframe scheduling platforms.

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