Terma Analytics Set to be Released for IBM Workload Scheduler (IWS)

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Boulder, CO, February 20, 2018

Terma Software, the developer of market leading cross-platform, predictive analytics solutions for job scheduling/workload automation environments, announces the availability of TermaAnalytics for IBM Workload Scheduler (IWS, formerly Tivoli Workload Scheduler). The TermaAnalytics platform provides predictive monitoring and analysis, SLA management, customizable analytics dashboards, and workload intelligence for many vendor specific job scheduling solutions including CA and Tidal. Its unique ability to provide a consolidated management solution for job scheduling through a single “pane of glass”, helps companies simplify and regain control of complex workload environments. With the release of the solution for IWS, Terma helps this customer segment address their challenges with the management of large and unpredictable workloads as well as with cross vendor scheduling environments.

“Many of our current customers run cross-vendor job scheduling environments and have asked us to extend our capabilities to these other environments,” notes Shane Hade, CEO of Terma. “We’ve been able to accomplish many integrations with in-house developed scheduling products within customers’ environments, however, given high demand for IWS support, we decided to productize this integration.”

Terma’s solution consists of three products, TermaUNIFY, TermaVISION, and TermaINSIGHT. The products can run independently or together to provide a holistic approach to workload management. The three products share a unified platform called TermaAnalytics. The solution is offered as either a service within a customer’s own on-premise environment or can be hosted in Terma’s cloud environment.

Alexandra Thurel, Director, Offering Management for Automation at HCL Products & Platforms, states, “The IWS customer base is very broad and uses the IWS product to support large and complex workload environments across both distributed and mainframe platforms. Terma’s analytics platform will provide our customers with an optimal solution for managing their complex and mission critical workloads, especially in cross-platform and cross-vendor workload environments. We are pleased to have Terma’s solution available for our customers.”

Over the past decade Terma has developed the industry’s most comprehensive knowledge of workload data and the ability to leverage that understanding to provide measurable predictive analytics. Terma’s products, TermaVISION, TermaUNIFY, and TermaINSIGHT, enable companies to optimize their workload processing and realize more value from their automation tools by providing SLA management, forecasting, predictive analytics, and reporting. The products ensure that companies can lower their costs and improve the reliability and performance of mission critical workload processes.

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