Terma Software Announces Incentive Program for CA Technologies Customers

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Terma Software, the developer of market leading cross-platform, predictive analytics solutions for Workload Automation environments, announces a special program for CA Technologies customers to upgrade to the latest release of TermaAnalytics. With this announcement, Terma is offering customers of CA’s iDash product for AutoSys and CA 7 special incentives to upgrade to Terma’s market leading solution for SLA Management, Predictive Monitoring, Advanced Workload Analysis and Reporting. CA’s iDash product lacks many of the capabilities provided by Terma, including accuracy in predictive monitoring using Artificial Intelligence, support for cross-platform workloads, support for multi-vendor environments, and advanced reporting capabilities.

Shane Hade, CEO of Terma Software commented, “We’ve watched over the past few years as some CA customers adopted the product which CA had acquired in an effort to advance the capabilities of their AutoSys and CA 7 environments. Unfortunately, these customers have not experienced the benefits that they were promised. We want to help these customers realize not only those benefits, but much more.”

CA Technologies acquired iDash several years ago in an attempt to lay claim to offering a Workload Analytics solution, despite the product having no support in the AutoSys customer base at the time of acquisition. Following acquisition, CA made marginal strides to improve the user interface and attempted support of CA 7 on the mainframe. Because market research indicates that customer expectations remain largely unmet, Terma has stepped up to offer its fully functional suite of products to iDash customers.

Terma Software has helped hundreds of customers modernize their scheduling, improve workload reliability, and provide a high level of visibility into their workload environments. This has resulted in customers significantly lowering risk, improving efficiency of workload resources, and ultimately driving down costs. If you have licensed CA’s iDash product and are in need of an alternative, check out our risk-free replacement program. With Terma’s program there is no conversion required – most environments are operational in a matter of days. Please visit us at TermaSoftware.com or email us at Info@Termalabs.com for more information on this program as well as related offerings for optimizing CA AutoSys and CA 7 Workload Automation Environments.

About Terma Software

Terma Software has developed the industry’s most comprehensive platform for workload intelligence and the ability to leverage it to provide measurable predictive analytics. Terma’s products TermaVISION, TermaUNIFY, and TermaINSIGHT enable optimization of workload processing to help realize more value from Workload Automation tools by providing SLA management, forecasting, predictive analytics, prescriptive actions and reporting through analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning. The products ensure that companies can lower their costs and improve the reliability and performance of mission critical workload processes. Terma supports any job scheduler, including CA AutoSys, CA7, IBM Workload Scheduler (IWS), and Tidal Workload Automation. Terma is the only supplier of management solutions in cross-vendor and cross-platform scheduling environments providing a single perspective (aka single pane of glass) into the environment. The products are available on-premise or SaaS. For more information or to arrange an overview of the solution, contact Jim Anderson, Vice President at Terma Software. Jim can be reached by email at Jim@TermaLabs.com, or www.termasoftware.com.

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