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Boulder, CO, March 9, 2017

The release of Terma Software’s API allows for integration of any vendor’s job scheduling solution into the Terma Software Analytics platform. Terma’s products including TermaUNIFY (JAWS), TermaINSIGHT, and TermaVISION provide support out-of-the-box for CA 7, CA AutoSys, and Cisco Workload Automation (Tidal) environments. The solution will soon support schedulers from BMC and IBM.

saas-modelShane Hade, CEO of Terma comments, “Many organizations desire our market leading workload analytics platform for their scheduling environment and now can have that capability through our new Universal API. Also, many current customers that rely on our analytics platform have homegrown or 3rd-party schedulers we don’t currently support and would like to integrate those environments for holistic workload analytics across those platforms. With this API the ability to do so is now possible. Working with a large financial institution we’ve leveraged our Universal API to integrate their custom mainframe scheduling solution in record time and expand their ability to proactively manage Cross-Vendor/Cross-Platform dependencies improving service delivery and reducing operational risk.”

The API is available immediately to any customer interested in bringing workload analytics to their workload automation management platform. This allows customers to experience the benefits of Terma Analytics platform more quickly and efficiently. It also provides the ability to integrate other data sources into the platform for richer analytics and advanced correlations across operational environments and applications. For more information on Terma’s solutions visit our website at TermaLabs.com where you can find detailed information on our solution and on-demand product demonstrations. To schedule a discussion or custom demonstration please contact our solution specialists at Info@TermaLabs.com.

Over the past decade Terma has developed the industry’s most comprehensive knowledge of workload data and the ability to leverage that understanding to provide measureable business analytics. Terma’s products, TermaUNIFY (formerly JAWS), TermaINSIGHT, and TermaVISION enable companies to optimize their workload processing and realize more value from their automation tools by providing SLA management, forecasting, prediction, business intelligence, reporting, simulation, and modeling. The products are available as SaaS and on-premise solutions. The solution ensures that companies can lower their costs and improve the reliability and performance of their mission critical workloads.


For more information, please contact Jim Anderson at 303.396.0454 or email jim@termalabs.com

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