Terma Software Recognized in Silicon Review’s 50 Fastest Growing Companies in 2018

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Boulder, CO, May 16, 2018

Terma Software, providing strategic solutions for DevOps, and the developer of market leading cross-platform predictive analytics solutions for Workload Automation, announced that it has been recognized by Silicon Review as one of the 50 fastest growing companies for 2018. Terma’s solutions provide advanced capabilities for Workload Automation, including predictive analytics, monitoring and alerting, as well as workload intelligence through analysis and reporting, leveraging AI and Machine Learning. Terma supports any Workload Automation product, including those from IBM, CA, Tidal, and many others.

Shane Hade, CEO of Terma said, “Terma Software is proud to be recognized as one of The Silicon Review’s 50 fastest growing companies. It’s proof that the hard work and effort by our team of industry visionaries and thought leaders is providing significant value through analytics for workload automation to our customers.”

Terma identified a number of key factors to its success including:

  • The growth and adoption of automation by IT, and the need for analytics to drive automation
  • The growth in complexity of workload environments and the critical function they provide for customers
  • The adoption of dynamic and hybrid computing environments, and the need to more tightly manage service levels for workloads that run in them
  • The DevOps movement and the requirement for IT Management solutions to support it
  • Need for continuous service quality improvements in a Workload Automation market of shrinking human capital and associated skill sets

For more information about this recognition and growth factors please visit The Silicon Review’s article.

About Terma Software

Terma Software has developed the industry’s most comprehensive platform for workload intelligence and the ability to leverage it to provide measurable predictive analytics. Terma’s products TermaVISION, TermaUNIFY, and TermaINSIGHT enable optimization of workload processing to help realize more value from Workload Automation tools by providing SLA management, forecasting, predictive analytics, prescriptive actions and reporting through analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning. The products ensure that companies can lower their costs and improve the reliability and performance of mission critical workload processes. Terma supports any job scheduler, including CA AutoSys, CA7, IBM Workload Scheduler (IWS), and Tidal Workload Automation. Terma is the only supplier of management solutions in cross-vendor and cross-platform scheduling environments providing a single perspective (aka single pane of glass) into the environment. The products are available on-premise or SaaS. For more information or to arrange an overview of the solution, contact Jim Anderson, Vice President at Terma Software. Jim can be reached by email at Jim@TermaLabs.com, or www.termasoftware.com.

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