Workload Migration Assistance, Technology, and Services

Terma Software is here to help you efficiently and effectively manage your workload software migration. Our vendor and platform agnostic workload analytics solutions can support you in three major ways. First of all, we know a lot about schedulers. Between us and our partners, we have subject matter expertise in many different scheduling platforms and various service and technology offerings that help companies migrate. Secondly, our analytics products can provide post-migration validation. We can compare data from a workload environment before and after migration, regardless of the platform. A run is a run through the lens of TermaANALYTICS, it doesn’t matter if it’s in Tidal or CA7 or IBM Workload Scheduler. Thirdly, we have developed pre-migration simulation capabilities. This provides a low-risk way to test the impact of potential changes to a workload environment before actually implementing them.

Our product, called TermaUNIFY, is unique because it supports a phased approach to workload migrations. It allows customers to easily manage multiple scheduling environments in a phased approach to migrations. For example, a customer migrating from AutoSys to IBM Workload Scheduler was able to monitor both environments as the workload processes were migrated in a phased approach. Essentially running both products in a production environment until all workload processes were moved to IBM Workload Scheduler.

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Workload Migration Services

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