A Q&A on Change Management with VP Jim Anderson

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Historically, companies have not placed much emphasis on transparency in workload automation and change management. Today, Terma is proud to offer our customers an automated change management solution that goes above and beyond for minimizing risk during the change management process. Terma Software’s Vice President, Jim Anderson, explains the need for this solution and how it revolutionizes transparency within change management. 

What are some of the greatest risks companies face during a change management process? 

One of the biggest challenges companies face in change management today is being able to conduct a thorough test of the changes to a workload process before they are actually put into a production environment. The tools just don’t exist for customers to do that. Instead, they’re doing it manually, which means they’re probably missing anywhere from 50 to 70 percent of test cases that you need to test in order to guarantee the reliability of the process you’re going to move into production. It should be more like 99 percent instead of being satisfied with roughly 70 percent assurance that it will work.

Likewise, the biggest risk when you move a process into production is that you don’t know what you don’t know because you’ve never seen it run in production. That first time it runs, or maybe the fourth or fifth or one-hundredth time, it can cause problems in production and outlying problems in other critical processes that could prevent them from running according to a certain SLA or scheduled time. Overall, it’s about missing critical deadlines that negatively impact business in general when you’re not sure how a process will run in production.

How can Terma’s solution de-risk change management for companies?

We can mitigate a lot of this risk in change management by improving the process of testing and analysis of changes before they are moved into production. We help our customers visualize what the processes will look like and how they could impact their outlying processes. We also provide them a simulation type of environment so that they can actually simulate the change to see what its impact will be. By running this change in a real-time, pseudo-production environment, you can assess any kind of hold-ups that could happen before moving the changes into production.

Another major issue we see is that a lot of people think that they have this change management capability already–but that is largely not the case. Even if they have a process that’s built in-house, it’s usually not reliable. Our product is tried-and-true, and a great example is our case study on our customer, Capital Group.

What are the specific benefits or ROI’s that companies will experience through Terma’s solutions?

Reliability and productivity. With our automated change management solution, you can get to a root cause reliably, faster and more efficiently, and then you can optimize your process. Customers can expect unparalleled foresight into their change management process with our solution. Our service will pay for itself 10 times over in some cases by preventing even one significant error that occurs as the result of an inadequately tested change. These errors could cost millions in lost business and regulatory fines, not even including the resources it takes to find and fix the actual problem. 

We’ve been in the workload business for a long time and these issues with change management are something we’ve seen in a lot of our customers, and we’ve learned that you can’t fix what you can’t visualize. What we discovered was that this transparency would give our customers estimated results and runtimes so that they could see what their entire workload environment looks like from a performance standpoint. 

Learn more about our Simulation and Modeling capabilities here or reach out to schedule your demo today.

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