Are You Effectively Leveraging Your Workload Automation Data?

December 20, 2018 11:01 am Published by

Data has become such a valuable economic force in today’s world, it is sometimes referred to as the “new oil.” Like oil, data is a commodity that requires refining, i.e. processing, and fuels much of the transformative technology we see today, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, predictive analytics, and automation. This is where the parallels end. Unlike oil, data is an infinitely reusable resource that actually loses value when it is hoarded and stored in silos. It is also much cheaper to transport, its quantities are only increasing, and its applications are much more varied.

The current business environment is unequivocally data-driven. Data is at the core of almost every business decision made, from employee hiring to resource allocation to pricing strategy and more. Enterprises regularly utilize Business Intelligence (BI) tools to look at historical and real time data, identify patterns and trends, and gain valuable insights that drive better decision-making. Advanced predictive analytics can also be applied to provide insight into the foreseeable future. This use of BI allows companies to identify new market opportunities, predict market changes, and proactively manage risk.

There is no doubt that an effective use of data can give companies a competitive edge, reduce costs, and increase operational efficiency. So then why is there a valuable well of historical data that remains untapped by many large enterprises? Yes, we are talking about the data created by job schedulers. From batch processing times to jobstream interdependencies, there are a ton of potential insights to be gained from Workload Automation (WLA) data, especially once predictive analytics are applied. Terma Software believes this data should be leveraged in the same way BI is: to help businesses become better at proactive risk management.

As automation trends and dynamic market demands continue to put pressure on WLA, workload environments are becoming increasingly complicated. This is no problem for TermaANALYTICS because it is a vendor and platform agnostic solution. It is the only workload data repository on the market than can standardize data from a variety of scheduling solutions to provide a complete picture of your workload processing across multiple and disparate environments. Our real-time predictive analytics can turn siloed historical scheduler data into valuable, actionable insights and help the workload engine of your business vehicle run more efficiently. Contact us to learn more.

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