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Retail and investment banks depend on sophisticated IT workload environment to support the high-volume activities including trade transactions and multi-channel banking.


A leading asset management firm depends on operations to support the various functions that comprise the business. They use Terma’s products to monitor and analyze their Portfolio Management workload.

  • Portfolio managers use proprietary models to choose investments from a universe of possibilities
  • Models are data-driven and rely on the most current information
  • Many sources are used to collect company, financial and trading data

It is critical that the portfolio managers in New York have the data they need to run the models and make selections / trades each day and they depend on Terma’s products to alert them to any delay in receiving the information that they need and trouble-shooting the resolution of the issue. Primarily, this is an ETL (Extract Transform & Load) process to populate the IDW (Investment Data Warehouse.) Terma’s Suite of Products ensures that the portfolio managers can do their jobs by eliminating the risk that they will not have the data they need to make the appropriate selections and trades. Failures in this type of processing can translate to millions in losses and put financial institutions at a competitive disadvantage.

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