Getting the Most from Workload Analytics

Terma’s solutions are powerful tools that can re-define the way you understand your operations environments. We are entirely committed to your getting the most value from our technology.

Our customers each have different needs, and we can address those needs in the ways that best suit you. Terma’s professional services, teamed with Terma’s education offerings can combine to ensure you develop the expertise you need to extract the most usable information from our products. While our standard courses and services packages satisfy the requirements of most Terma customers, we are well-equipped to design a combination of services and training that will best serve you.
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Terma Education

Our education and training consists of many role-based training modules that can be delivered on site at your location or remotely. We also offer a subscription based training service that provides your end users access to our training videos on demand. On demand training allows your end users continuous access to our training videos to reinforce product knowledge and train new end users throughout the year. We will also provide custom on demand training that utilizes your implementation of our product.

Terma Product Certification

We want you to be able to get the very most from our solutions, and the best way to do that would be to complete all of the classes in your User Track, enabling you to become certified in Terma’s products. The different user tracks focus on what each type of user needs to know in order to become proficient in the use of our products and gain the most value on a day-to-day basis.

Suggested User Tracks:

  • Operations (including Administrators)
  • Application Developers
  • Line of Business Owners