Enterprise Management Associates Announce Top Benefits of Leveraging Analytics to Support Business Resiliency

October 3, 2019 9:00 am Published by

Ever-increasing business complexity is creating new challenges for enterprises. Modern IT, stressed by the demands of business processes, often experiences increased pressure on workload automation (WLA) software, leaving many organizations spending too much time and resources on maintaining and repairing brittle infrastructures, and not enough on innovation. To keep up with these intense demands, enterprises must evolve beyond recovery to embrace IT business resilience–or the ability to adapt to change, respond to business disruptions, and maintain continuous business operations. 

In their latest report Modernizing Workload Automation: Increasing Business Resiliency and Empowering DevOps With Workload Analytics, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) — a leading industry analyst firm that provides deep insight across the full spectrum of IT and data management technologies — researched the top benefits of analytics among 58 U.S.-based IT and business WLA users. According to the report, 48% of respondents assert that WLA analytics improve business resiliency, making it the third most mentioned reason to use analytics software. However, almost all of the top listed benefits reported are directly tied to business resiliency. 

The number one benefit of analytics, according to the report, was overall improved management of WLA, asserting that it provides more orderly operations with better documentation, understanding of the overall workflows, and confidence that SLAs can be met when things don’t go as planned. With analytics, IT operations can react more quickly and confidently with a better understanding of the WLA environment. The second-most mentioned benefit of analytics is the ability to identify threats to SLAs. Seeing problems on the horizon with time to react and remedy the situation before critical delivery windows are missed undoubtedly makes businesses more agile and resilient. 

Leading enterprises are expanding the scope of their WLA automation to support business resiliency with predictive analytics. Some enterprises are extending their approach even further by trying to proactively avoid, rather than rapidly recover from, disruptions with predictive analytics software like Terma’s. Business resiliency ensures that companies can respond, resume, and restore optimal operations following a disruption.

Terma Software is the first to bring predictive analytics and its associated visualization to workload automation, providing the necessary capabilities for a flexible and resilient business. Our workload automation provides the robust ability to foresee a problem in a process before it happens and gives companies the ability to take preventive action. To learn more, schedule a demo with us.

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