Enterprise Management Associates Reveal Impact of Predictive Analytics on Business Resiliency

October 24, 2019 6:10 am Published by

Predictive analytics ensure businesses can build agility and resilience into their processes to standards never before reached. Analytics technology empowers businesses to see problems approaching on the horizon, increasing the amount of time available to react to and resolve issues before critical delivery windows are missed. With this increased insight, prevention and smooth recovery are both possible. In a new report by Enterprise Management Associates (EMA)–a company that leverages a unique combination of practical experience, insight into industry best practices, and in-depth knowledge of current and planned vendor solutions–61% of respondents reported that the number of scheduling problems directly affecting business outcomes is increasing. The report shows that due to the growing complexity of workload environments and the stress of exponential demands on processing, many enterprises are seeking improved solutions to support their business operations and ensure delivery to their customers.

EMA believes that analytics is among the technologies with the biggest and most credible impact on business resiliency. Job failure rates and missed service level agreements (SLAs) are among the main concerns driving many businesses to change their WLA software to solutions with analytics. According to EMA’s newest report, only 13% of respondents claimed no missed SLAs in the past 24 months. Over half of respondents missed anywhere between 2-10 SLAs, breaking crucial commitments made to their clients. Analytics tools, particularly those designed to analyze workload, allow for the optimization of WLA and help prevent job failure and performance problems. 

Analytics provides dashboards, alerts, and other reporting tools that provide all business and IT stakeholders with the data they need for informed decision-making. Combined with solid trend analysis, predictive capabilities, and what-if simulations, production, and change management–the process, tools, and techniques that oversee change to achieve the required business outcome–can be managed to identify and prevent issues before they become a problem. To download the full EMA report click here.

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