New: Terma Announces Specialized CA Jobtrac Scheduler Support

June 25, 2019 8:20 am Published by

Terma Software is proud to announce that the company is now offering specialized Tier 1 support for CA Jobtrac, adding this scheduler to a growing list of supported schedulers.

While Terma Software’s products have long offered cross-platform and cross-vendor capabilities to support any job scheduler, this specialized level of support for Jobtrac empowers companies to enjoy advanced functionality options and seamless access to all other Terma-supported schedulers. 

With this release, customers that use Jobtrac in their workload environment, especially those who use it in a multi-scheduler environment, will increase their legacy mainframe scheduler’s capabilities. When multiple independent job schedulers are used together, it is often difficult for users to see cross-platform discrepancies and problems in one scheduler that will affect the other and, consequently, can negatively impact SLAs. Using TermaUNIFY’s new functionality, users can now track, predict run times and initiate reports across schedulers as a single jobstream within single-pane-of-glass visibility, simplifying process oversight across the entire workload environment. 

The origins of this product release began when customers using other Terma-supported scheduling platforms started requesting increased support for Jobtrac. Terma began working immediately to quickly respond to this request with a solution that provided Tier 1 Jobtrac support. Terma’s commitment to its customers’ ability to view their entire multi-platform workload environment through a single-pane-of-glass continues to drive new scheduler support initiatives.

“We’re proud to bring cutting-edge analytics technology to tried-and-true legacy scheduling engines,” said Terma CEO Shane Hade. “Our customers asked for support and we are happy to oblige. We’ve created a robust network of support for these schedulers that scales their capabilities, and in turn, scales the growth of our customers’ businesses.”

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