Missed Terma Software’s Educational Sessions at ASAP University This Year? We Have You Covered

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Last week, members of our team represented Terma Software at ASAP University in Dallas, TX. This was our third year in a row presenting as subject matter experts at the annual IBM Workload Scheduler (IWS) user gathering. Unable to attend? We’re happy to provide the following information describing the educational sessions we participated in and provide an overview of the Workload Automation topics we covered with the IWS community.

Managing Complex IWSz Environments

On Tuesday, Terma Software CEO Shane Hade and Stan Gildea from State Street Corporation led two sessions on leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) for a mixed IWSz and AutoSys environment. State Street Corporation is a valued customer, and the story of why the company chose Terma’s intelligent SLA management tool is the subject of this case study. During ASAP University, Hade and Gildea detailed the specific ways Terma Software’s powerful AIOps platform empowered State Street Corporation to achieve greater reliability and efficiency from their multi-scheduler environment. They discussed:

  • The implementation of Terma’s Single-Pane-of-Glass and business-focused dashboards
  • Visualizing custom cross-platform dependencies to understand downstream outage impacts
  • The integration of the “black box” processes of iDeliver and other non-workload processes
  • A resiliency scenario, i.e. the remediation process in the event of a partial or complete workload outage

Addressing Workload DevOps Challenges
On Wednesday, Hade was joined by Terma Software CTO Jennifer Chisik to present a session on leveraging AI/ML to increase the agility of Workload Automation and address the challenges faced by workload DevOps teams. Many organizations struggle to implement processes and technology that allow for effective cooperation and management between IT operations and development. This is especially true for traditional job scheduling solutions because very few tools exist that accurately align test and production environments. Hade and Chisik discussed these issues and how organizations can achieve higher quality change management using our Simulation & Modeling solution. “Our technology ensures that adequate validation testing can occur before a workload process is implemented into a real-time environment,” said Chisik.

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