Critical Path Monitoring, Predicting and Forecasting: Workload Management Solutions

Transform the way you manage your workload with actionable analytics.

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TermaUNIFY™ provides Workload Analytics for job scheduling giving your business Service Level Assurance, Critical Path Monitoring and Management, and Enterprise-wide Visibility into your business critical applications. TermaUNIFY seamlessly pulls real-time data from multiple Workload Automation engines to enable visibility into your workload in sync with the way your business is managed. Terma’s revolutionary technology unites jobs into applications and Jobstreams™ enabling critical path monitoring, predicting, and forecasting. It unites your business critical processes with Operations Management giving you the ability to make good decisions faster.

Screenshot_TU2Align IT to Business

  • Manage workloads as Jobstreams in association with a business service or area – dramatically increasing business agility.
  • Jobstreams are automatically created within TermaUNIFY by looking at the endpoint of a mission critical business service and aggregating all of the jobs that exist in the critical path of that job from start to end providing an unprecedented view of your complex Workload environment

Reduce Risk

  • Critical Path Monitoring creates an understanding what jobs are running in the Critical Path, TermaUNIFY provides sophisticated Jobstream triage to isolate the root cause of job scheduling errors and provides a guided resolution.
  • Easily diagnose failures and delays on historical Jobstream runs and thus, enable IT to leverage predictive analytics produced by TermaUNIFY to be more proactive versus reactive.

Increase Efficiency

  • TermaUNIFY provides the essential visibility into your Jobstreams to improve IT efficiency by effectively managing IT complexities. Easily automate manual processes by leveraging the analytics TermaUNIFY provides into your workload environment.
  • Gain more visibility by utilizing TermaUNIFY rich visualization and heuristics to not only understand where processing bottlenecks are, but also why.

Improve Service Quality

  • Improve Service Quality from an operations, application development, line of business and management perspective. All levels of business can see with confidence the health of critical business services that are going to impacted by costly scheduling errors.
  • With extensive reporting, proactive alerting and notifications delivered through various means, IT can proactively fix problems before they occur.

Historical Analytics

  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Critical Path Monitoring and Analysis
  • Jobstream Optimization
  • SLA Reporting
  • Trending Analysis

Real-Time Analytics –  Dashboard access to your entire Workload environment with drill down capabilities

  • Critical Path Analysis and Monitoring
  • Gantt Chart Visualization
  • Real-Time Alerting
  • Guided Resolution

Predictive Analytics – Proactive Workload Performance Management

  • Jobstream Alerts include: Late, Checkpoint, NPTF, Complete and Back on Track, Started, Target job started, Jobstream Not Started
  • Forecast Jobstream performance
  • Gantt Chart Visualization
  • Predictive analysis of SLAs

Business Analytics – Visualize Workload performance from a business unit perspective

  • Visibility into business specific application performance
  • Role Based Access and Security
  • Business Area Dashboard