Terma ITOps Analytics SaaS Offering

Terma Software’s market leading ITOps analytics solution for workload is now available as Software as a Service (SaaS).

Terma’s cloud offering includes the following products:

  • TermaUnify: A powerful Service Level Management solution for workload environments that provides predictive monitoring and alerting, sophisticated analysis capabilities for diagnosing issues, and business oriented dashboards to insure the performance of your workload environment.
  • TermaVision: An advanced analytics and monitoring solution that provides the ability to build custom dashboards based on individual user requirements for monitoring jobs, forecasting, machines, and workload environments.
  • TermaInsight: A powerful business intelligence solution providing advanced ITOps analytics and reporting capabilities for your workload environment. Insight provides out of the box critical reports and allows for the construction of you own reports and dashboards.

Terma continues to offer it’s on premise workload data analyzer solutions for customers, but now there is an alternative. The SaaS predictive analytics software offers all of the capabilities of our on premise solution without the costs and overhead required to deploy and maintain the environment. Customers with small or overburdened IT staffs no longer will require the skills or effort to manage and maintain a best practice deployment of TermaAnalytics.

With our SaaS offering customers can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Low cost of entry, no additional hardware or software costs.
  • Reduced time to benefit and rapid adoption.
  • No effort to maintain a healthy and up to date Terma Analytics environment. You always have the latest software and patches applied.
  • Gain immediate access to new product features.
  • Best practice usage of the Terma Analytics solution.
  • Overall reduced management costs for Terma’s products and your workload environment.

Terma’s SaaS offering is available today and a perfect solution for budget conscious workload environments. Contact us today at Info@TermaLabs.com for more information.