Workload Assessment and Enablement Services

We have found that our most successful clients utilize our Packaged Services, including our workload assessment and enablement services, in order to maximize the use of the TermaANALYTICS platform and quickly begin to see the return on their investment in the technology.

Step 1 | Workload Assessment Services

This phase typically begins with identifying the current state of your Terma products implementation (the technical environment, the jobstream and SLA definitions, etc.) as well as their use in your unique environment. At the same time, we will gain a better understanding of the various stakeholders who currently use the product as well as others who could realize additional value if they were to also use the platform for their specific analysis/business goals.

The Assessment Services generally consist of:

Health Check – we assist you in identifying unnecessary delays in your jobstreams, outdated JIL definitions (particularly important for AutoSys upgrades), root causes of missed SLAs in the past, etc.

Environment Optimization – making sure that your installation is properly installed for maximum performance.

Identify Stakeholders – Our most successful customers have made sure that all user groups: Operations, Application Developers, and Line of Business Users have access to the JAWS platform and have their unique views and permissions defined.

Deliver Road map – We then provide you with a clear path to a future desired state via our Enablement Services.

Step 2 | Enablement Services

The Enablement Services to implement the road map will be tailored to your specific needs, but often consist of some or all of the following:

  • Project Management
  • Operational Implementation
  • Training/Education Services, i.e.; End User Training, Java API Training, CLI Training, etc.
  • Custom Report Scripting
  • Other Custom Training or Consulting

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