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Workload Service Model

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Terma Software provides an extensive offering of professional services and education in support of the Terma Analytics product suite. The services are based on best practices and over 10 years of deploying and managing customers’ workload environments.

Based on this experience and our current offerings Terma developed an IT operations analytics and management solution and process for achieving the most benefit with our products. We provide these workload automation tools and solutions with our Workload Service Model. The Workload Service Model ensures the success of your deployment and adoption of our solution in your environment. Some of our most successful deployments are the result of the application of the Workload Service Model.

The model includes:

  • A phased and methodical approach to implementation
  • Starts with the end user and the business process
  • A thorough requirement analysis is conducted based on the role of the user including application users, application owners, developers, production support, and production operations
  • End user training for the model deployed in our software

The service model is composed of dashboards, reports, and alerts that provide each user with the specific information that they require.

Terma’s IT operations analytics & management solutions are the most effective way to achieve success in modernizing the management of your workload environment. Whether you are a new customer or a current customer who is being challenged by end user adoption, Terma’s Workload Service Model helps to ensure end user satisfaction and success with the product. Request a demo today and experience for yourself the benefits of this model.