Shifting Left Toward A Better Way To Do Business

July 30, 2019 11:00 am Published by

We’ve already explored the topic of why companies should apply DevOps to Workload Automation. Now, we’re going to challenge companies to consider a broader viewpoint over all front-end and back-end processes. It’s easy to segment these aspects of a business, so much so that they seem entirely disjointed. Yet these processes are interrelated and affect each other and, in turn, the overall health and prosperity of a company. Inefficiency anywhere affects efficiency and optimization everywhere. This is especially problematic when each branch sees itself existing in a different silo. When an application stops running, the problem isn’t only felt within the silo of development–it sends shockwaves through every business system, potentially right down to the SLAs. Given these potential impacts, it’s time to shift left and consider DevOps as a business process.

The concept of shifting left toward a development perspective is nothing new, but it may be the key to unlocking what’s been holding your business back. From an operational or business perspective, it may be easy to compartmentalize this aspect of your business and just hope for the best without having any visibility or detailed understanding of the actual development side of things. In most businesses, there’s a wall between the development, operations, and business, which hinders communication between these branches of business. Shifting left, or anything that facilitates DevOps, addresses this inefficient siloed approach. 

Increase Visibility and Empower Business Users

Organizations that implement this way of thinking are primed to have greater visibility into their systems. At the very least, a DevOps approach encourages conversation and communication between developers, operators, and business leaders. But when it’s firing on all cylinders, a DevOps approach gives operators and business leaders a window into development processes, allowing them to exercise managerial expertise, reinforce continuity, and actually understand what technical problems look like when they arise. Shifting left’s principles are rooted in problem-solving and saving on operational and avoidable expenses. 

So what does shifting left look like for business leaders and operators with the right technology? Ideally, you want a solution that allows you to gain a view into development information and production processes, be it through an aggregate lens or one that you can pivot to each individual environment, without requiring coding skills. This user-centered approach empowers business leaders with unparalleled transparency and understanding. 

How Terma Can Help You Shift Left

Terma Software’s intelligent, analytics-driven platform helps surface inefficiencies and promotes optimization across the board. This integrates seamlessly into workload environments and helps business users understand developmental processes through accessible, single-pane-of-glass visualization. With TermaANALYTICS, business leaders, operators, and developers alike can enjoy comprehensive insights into their workload environments, preventing problems and saving money. Contact us to learn more about how Terma can strengthen your enterprise.

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