Terma in the News: Spotlight Video on AMC’s NewsWatch

September 5, 2019 8:45 am Published by

This week, Terma Software was featured on NewsWatch Review, AMC Network and ION Television’s award-winning program covering breaking technology and consumer news. NewsWatch gave listeners an insider view into how Terma Software helps companies deliver agility, reliability, and enterprise-class performance business value. In an interview with our very own Jim Anderson, Vice President here at Terma Software, he discusses how Terma integrates and updates legacy technology solutions to create greater workload resiliency. 

The segment also covers Terma Software’s track record for helping Enterprise organizations and Fortune 1000 companies avoid major challenges with workload automation issues by optimizing resources. Dissolve mission-critical lag time with our adaptive intelligence and predictive analytics, and enjoy massive gains in efficiency and productivity. 

Interested in learning more about improving your business resiliency? Reach out to us to chat with a team member.

Watch the full segment here:

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