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Terma is hosting a series of gatherings at Mandalay Bay Resort during CA World in Las Vegas November 15th-17th

Boulder, CO, November 12, 2015  Terma Software announced plans to preview its 2016 product line during CA World, being held November 13-17th.  As the leader in Workload Analytics, Terma has developed three workload analytics products, all of which support multiple scheduling environments. The suite of products are designed to work together to address the growing need in the marketplace for analytics based on the huge volume of data generated by the underlying workload automation engines; i.e; AutoSys, CA7, and Cisco’s Tidal.

The premier product in the Terma Analytics suite is currently well-known to thousands of users by the name of JAWS™. JAWS is Terma’s flagship product and will be now known as TermaUNIFY™.  “We decided it is a more appropriate and mature name for a product that is used by many of the largest financial, manufacturing and retail companies worldwide,” said Jim Anderson, Vice President of Product Strategy at Terma. “TermaUNIFY provides unified workflow visualization, real-time monitoring, and predictive alerting.  Further, it unifies the business and IT to quickly understand how delays or processing failures will affect the business.”

“We are adding two exciting new products to the product suite that answer the need for advanced analytics; TermaINSIGHT™ for powerful, ad-hoc reporting and TermaVISION™ for real-time monitoring via web-based, custom user-defined views. Every type of user, whether operations professionals, application developers, or senior management who need to understand the impact of events in the workload environment, will be interested in exploring these newest state-of-the-art products,” adds Shane Hade, CEO of Terma.  “We are uniquely positioned, given our extensive expertise in the workload space, to provide products that address the challenges corporations face.  We are committed to providing ways to modernize their workload environments and we are confident that this new suite of products addresses those needs.”

To introduce the new offering, Terma is hosting a series of gatherings at Mandalay Bay Resort during CA World to preview the products set for release the 1st quarter of 2016. For more information and to attend the hospitality events, visit: Termasoftware.com/events.


Over the past decade Terma has developed the industry’s most comprehensive knowledge of workload data and the ability to leverage that understanding to provide measureable business analytics.  Terma’s products, TermaINSIGHT, TermaUNIFY, and TermaVISION enable companies to optimize their workload processing and realize more value from their automation tools by providing SLA management, forecasting, prediction, reporting and advanced analytics. The products ensure that companies can lower their costs and improve the reliability and performance of their mission critical workloads.


For more information, please contact Dana Schwartz at 303.396.1486 or email dana.schwartz@termalabs.com.

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