Terma Software to Sponsor Digital Transformations Webinar

October 10, 2019 9:06 am Published by

Terma Software is excited to be sponsoring Enterprise Management Associates’ (EMA) upcoming webinar presentation exploring how application modernization and digital transformation are becoming driving forces in many organizations. With this new research, EMA seeks answers to why many organizations are not using an enterprise-class Workload Automation (WLA) product and, therefore, how much growth in net new users might be on the horizon. Dan Twing, President and COO of EMA, will be discussing the results of this latest research, The Great Scheduler Migration: Disruption to IT Infrastructure Tools in the Wake of Digital Transformation and Application Modernization, on Thursday, October 31, at 2:00 PM EST. 

To gain a global perspective on workload automation trends, Terma Software partnered with EMA to design and conduct a web-based survey of 423 IT and business users of scheduling software. This year’s global study was envisioned following research conducted in 2018, which uncovered that 37% of workload automation (WLA) users only began to use an enterprise-class WLA in the previous four years. The report found that in 2019, 54% of respondents stated an intention to migrate to new WLA software, indicating a significant shift in the needs of enterprise businesses. 

The migration trend to new WLA software underlines that a significant number of WLA users are looking to migrate to more comprehensive solutions. EMA’s research shows that 88% of respondents reported that their business would benefit from a more centralized view of automation across IT and business. The report confirms that businesses would benefit from a more cohesive automation strategy and a greater span of use of WLA software. According to the report, WLA is the class of software best positioned to become one of the key IT operations automation tools, even expanding to directly automate business processes.

To learn more about the value of consolidating workload automation tools by providing service-level agreement management, forecasting, predictive analytics, and prescriptive actions all in one product, be sure to join us for this upcoming digital transformations webinar. You can register here.

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